Looking for a translator...

...can be challenging. You need an expert in the field, who knows the two languages and is able to express him-/herself in the target language understandably, fluently and in a likeable and engaging fashion. The translator should also be someone who will treat your text with the same respect that you have given it yourself. He/she should be fully aware of the effect that this text is aimed to have.


Furthermore, the ideal translator is committed and engaged, and will deliver on time, at a reasonable rate. That is a lot to look for.


But it is worth it. Translation matters. Translation can open whole new markets or a new readership. Once you have found the right translator, you can feel confident that this important next step will proceed smoothly. Get the attention for your text that it deserves. Get it read, get it acknowledged, and get it published.


I am an English-German translator and editor who helps authors and academics to publish in Germany. After decades of work in the medical and social field I have moved on to make a living on my lifelong passion for language and writing. I do not only rely on my “Sprachgefühl” (feeling for speech), although I consider it excellent. I always work with a second set of eyes, and I translate only subject content with which I am fully familiar and/or for which I have excellent resources.



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