"We are completely satisfied with the quality of her texts and will be happy to continue working "Ms. Jones´ translations are very smoothly readable, at the same time she manages to aptly capture and keep the original meaning of the content. We are highly satisfied with the quality of her texts and are happy to continue working with her in future."

Michael Graf, Managing Director, Cochrane Germany


"It was great fun to read this translation. The text is very well written, clear, and does not sound "translated" at all. My greatest respect and thanks!"

               Dr. Nikola Schmidt, Medical and Life Sciences Editor, Seitenspiel, Germany"


"...a reliable and extremely pleasant partner to work with...highly skilled both as a medical as well as a language professional."

                                    Martin Dunne, Manager, medax, Germany


"...excellent work, keeping closely to the original meaning of the content. I am extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of her work."

                                         Guy Thatcher, author, Canada


"Ms. Jones´ translations satisfy the expectations of a discerning German-speaking audience in every respect. They convincingly reflect her long-standing professional experience with both medical and literary texts."

                                    Sophie Eckart, Content Project Manager, Elsevier, Germany


"...a continuing asset to our organization. Her contribution to the success and growth of our company in recent years has been substantial."

                         Karen Wilde, Director, Wilde Relocation, Germany